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History Of Occupy Philadelphia

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

We started with this article: Occupy Wall Street? Occupy Yourself!

The rest is in reverse chronological order:

Free Friends Of Occupy Philadelphia

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Homeland Security Raid On Occupy Philadelphia

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Occupy Christmas

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Jesse Jackson on Joe Frazier at Occupy Philly

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Donations Of Things

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Occupy Philly Thank You Notes

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Concert For Occupy Philly

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Occupy Wall Street Occupy Philly

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

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Occupy Philadelphia Serves Free Food

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Thursday December 29, 2011
5:00PM Until Food Runs Out
15th Street, between Market St. and JFK Blvd.

For as long as Occupy Philly can afford to offer free meals, every Thursday starting at 5PM food will be provided.

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Philadelphia Area Among Top 20 Cities

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

PHILADELPHIA (March 15, 2011) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today that more buildings than ever have earned the EPA’s Energy Star certification in 2010. The Philadelphia-area added many first-time labeled Energy Star buildings in 2010, jumping to a national ranking of 14th up from 24th. Many of the most recently added buildings in Philadelphia are schools. Energy Star buildings play an important role in preventing harmful air emissions that effect climate change, plus they reduce energy use and save money.

“I am pleased to see progress across the Philadelphia metropolitan area in energy efficiency and renewable energy,” said EPA mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator Shawn M. Garvin. “From Philadelphia to the smaller communities across the region, we are seeing growth in design, construction and retrofits to energy challenges of the 21st century.”

Philadelphia has 21 commercial Energy Star certified buildings, and across the country more than 6,200 commercial buildings earned the Energy Star in 2010. Nationally this is an increase of nearly 60 percent compared to 2009. Since EPA awarded the first Energy Star to a building in 1999, more than 12,600 buildings have been certified.

Energy use in commercial buildings accounts for nearly 20 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions at a cost of more than $100 billion per year. Commercial buildings that earn the Energy Star must perform in the top 25 percent of buildings nationwide compared to similar buildings and be independently verified by a licensed professional engineer or registered architect each year. Energy Star certified buildings use 35 percent less energy and emit 35 percent less carbon dioxide than average buildings. Fourteen types of commercial buildings can earn the Energy Star, including office buildings, K-12 schools, and retail stores.

To see a short video about one of Philadelphia’s recently labeled buildings:

More information on the other top cities in 2010 with Energy Star certified buildings:

More information on EPA’s real-time registry of all Energy Star certified buildings:

More information about earning the Energy Star for commercial buildings:

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Quarrying Pennsylvania Bluestone in the Endless Mountains

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

For more info contact Endless Mountain Fieldstone Supply at (888) 836-ROCK (7625).

Bluestone mines that dot the Meshoppen, Wyoming County PA, area contain a durable and colorful sandstone unique to the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania.

For over 100 years, miners have been blasting into these jagged mountainsides to uncover bluish snad grains cemented by percolating marine waters over 350 million years ago. Owner and miner Matt McClain refers to his mines simply as “the quarry.”

In the quarry, mud puddles splash the surface as an employee, Porky, slices an 18-inch-square, glassy chunk using a gas-powered saw that operates like a lawn mower. Off to one side, Kerby, Matt’s older brother, and co-worker Hyram Stevens are layering chunks into thinner slices. “These men split 1,000 feet of stone a day,” McClain points out.

At McClain’s mill, Endless Mountain Fieldstone Supply located in neighboring Tunkhannock, bluestone slabs are trimmed and sized. The mill property consists of a gravel driveway and a sky-blue shed filled with the buzzing sound of an electric saw. Finished one- two- and three-foot squares of the stone are layered onto pallets. Building contractors order 24-ton tractor trailer loads of these for curbing, flagging and building materials.

Natural 1″ to 2″ thick layers are split and prepared for shipment.

Explaining the varieties of bluestone comes naturally to McClain, who started mining at the age of 8 in his family’s backyard quarry in Meshoppen. “In center deposits, you’ll find the blue-blue color,” he says. “Customers pay extra for its durability and natural look, although it fades to green in the sun.”

Irregular standing patios call for scraggy pieces found on the fringes of a quarry in shades of lilac, yellow, buff, brown and green. “People want natural, rustic-looking material that’s not necessarily blue in color,” McClain explains.

Tawny bluestone boulders called fieldstone add authenticity to waterfall landscapes, cob-textured porches, steps and paths. Said to be “glaciated in” from the highlands during an ice age, this type of stone was traditionally used by farmers as fencing to keep cattle away from crops.

McClain began mining over 40 years ago in a quarry behind his family’s two-story, white Meshoppen farmhouse. His father, George McClain, gave up being a pastor of a small Methodist church when his income wasn’t supporting his family of nine boys and one girl, and entered the bluestone mining market.

Leaving the family business at age 16, Matt traveled the countryside searching for a less strenuous livelihood. Construction work paid his bills over the next 10 years, until he felt the urge to return to the family tradition of mining bluestone in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania.

His 29-year-old son, Stace, also left and then returned to the stone industry. He operates an area fieldstone yard. Sitting behind his desk in his office trailer, Stace discusses with his father why they both left and later returned to the bluestone business. Family pride, it seems, had a great deal to do with it, a quality as durable as the stone the family has mined for 40 years.

Endless Mountain Fieldstone Supply proudly serves Wyoming County PA, Lackawanna County PA, Luzerne County PA, ASUllivan County PA,
Susquehanna County PA, Bradford County PA. We will also deliver to large and small customers in Southeastern PA and the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley regions.

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Time Restaurant

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

1315 Samson Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Time offers fine dining in center city Philadelphia. Monday nights is open to musicians. The finest players in the area bring great *free* entertainment.

Ernest Stewart of The Roots at Time Restaurant, Monday night open mic and jam. [Video / .MP4]

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Mid-Atlantic Region Gets First Certified Electronics Recycler

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Through a brand new electronics recycling certification program, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is taking steps to ensure that electronics recyclers adhere to highly protective standards for workers and the environment in processing pre-owned electronics.

This new certification process also means that recycled materials will not be shipped overseas without the consent of the designated country.

Three companies nationwide have received this new designation – called Responsible Recycling Practices Certification. The first, and only certified recycler in the mid-Atlantic region is E-structors, Inc. of Elkridge, Md. TechTurn of Austin, Texas, and Waste Management of Minnesota were also certified as electronic recycling firms.

E-Structors, founded in 2003, operates primarily on a contractual basis with organizations that have significant volumes of pre-owned electronics to recycle. As a certified recycler, the company follows a business model of reuse, refurbishment and recycling of electronics.

“This new e-cycling certification program will take the guesswork out of choosing a responsible recycler,” said EPA Regional Administrator Shawn M. Garvin. “Recycling is an important tool in our arsenal and we need to make sure it’s done correctly to prevent environmental harm and ensure the safe re-use of materials. We strongly encourage other electronic recyclers to obtain the certification to ensure that public health and the environment receive the highest protection available.”

The protocols required of certified recyclers help to reduce energy and natural resource consumption, greenhouse gases and hazardous waste. Recyclers are not permitted to burn or landfill certain materials. If electronics are going to be sold for reuse, the recycler must show that all personal data has been cleared or destroyed, that the equipment has been tested and is in working condition, and that the equipment is packaged properly. A recycler must exercise due diligence to ensure appropriate management of the materials throughout the recycling chain, whether domestic or international.

To apply for certification, electronics recyclers should contact either SGS or Perry Johnson Registrars to receive certification, provided they meet the rigorous certification standards. Both SGS and Perry Johnson Registrars are leading inspection, verification, testing and certification companies. As accredited certifying bodies for certification, SGS and Perry Johnson Registrars are required to list companies they have certified on their respective websites.


For information on disposing of single or small numbers of units, go to: or

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Snow, Snow, Snow

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Ft. Washington, PA — A severe snow storm covers the areas with total snow accumulations of 19 to 24 inches throughout the Philadelphia Area. Current Weather Condtions

Video (.mpg): Philadelphia area snow storm of Feb. 5th and 6th 2010 made into a music video. Filmed in Montgomery County, PA.

Made with an extemporaneous music soundtrack written and recorded during the storm by The End.

Related Article: Snow Storm 2010

More multi-meida from the Greater Philadelphia Region

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Historic Roxborough

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Pen and ink drawings from 1895-1929 courtesy of Dave Cellini and Jackie Mellor.

Blacksmith Shop, Captain Jones’ House, Henry Keely House,
John Foering’s Store, Lafayette Hotel, Levering Street,
Leverington Hotel, Loca House, Monastery,
Northeast Corner of Ridge and Green, Northeast Corner of Ridge and Walnut, Partenheimer’s Store,
Plow’s Tavern, Ship Tavern, Sorrel House,
Southeast Ridge and Shawmont, Wunders Inn, Yellow School House

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A wonderful home for sale in Chester County, PA

Monday, December 21st, 2009

For Immediate Release -
Dec. 21, 2009 – Resource Inc.

JUST LISTED! – Lieds Road, Downingtown, Chester County, PA 19320
Custom Home on 7+ Acres

4,000+ SF
Full, Finished Basement with Exercise Room and Workshop
Professional Recording Studio
Custom Pool

Fabulous Home – More Details

Contact Resource Inc. For More Info – (610) 594-9800

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