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Ambler Main Street Green Committee Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2009

I. One Commercial Hauler
Reviewed the initial objective of having one trash hauler for businesses in the borough. The chance of obtaining this goal seems to entail going from store to store to enroll them, after finding the right fit for a private hauler. We may apply for a technical assistance grant to develop a "Request for a Proposal" from the haulers. Municipal pick-up is a slim possibility. Municipal management of a bid contract is even slimmer.
ACTION: Susan will inquire about technical assistance grants from Art Feltes

II. Recycling Dumpsters
An effort to locate 3 or more "communal" recycling dumpsters throughout town for the take-out food businesses who install an in-store recycling ClearStream stand is awaiting input from the borough code enforcement officer on existing recycling dumpsters.
ACTION: Susan will get Ron's information, in case he can not come to the next meeting.

III. Food Businesses In-store Recycle Bins
The initiative of in-store Clearstream recycle stands will require business cooperation in their purchasing the stands and then taking full bags to the dumpsters that will be identified as above. Obtaining an agreement with a cooperative hauler for no extra cost is crucial.
On Hold for above

IV. Bicycle Routes / Racks
The website, is ready to accept bikers' inputs regarding "preferred" local bicycle roads and the locations of bike racks in and around the borough. An article in the Ambler Gazette is forthcoming.
ACTION: Contact our biking friends and groups to post their routes on the website.

V. Green Business Awards
Finding incentives and motivation for businesses to adopt green practices is a priority. Five initatives to this end are:

  1. Develop a model environmental policy for ourselves and post it
  2. Conduct a green business seminar
  3. Develop criteria for a scorecard to rate businesses on green practices
  4. Create a self-entry feature on the web for nominating businesses.
  5. Develop a press release about the awards
ACTION: All in group to develop our criteria categories to share at next meeting.