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Research: What are nearby Pennsylvania townships doing about commercial trash and commercial recycling
1)What do their ordinances specify about who collects?
2)Have they ever considered a one waste hauler system for the businesses?
3)Research other states. Do any have towns where one waste hauler hauls the businesses?


Public Works Trash Collection
The Township has a "Single Hauler" ordinance, whereby the Township contracts with one private hauler to provide service in Lower Gwynedd Township. Waste Management of Indian Valley is the Township's designated waste hauler. All new residents must contract with Waste Management.

All commercial properties and communities whose trash hauler is contracted by a Homeowners Association or management company are exempt from this program. more information -- PUBLIC NOTICE: July 14, 1997, Ordinance 346 rks/trash.asp

Trash & recycling URL: cs/gov_pw_tr.html

Waste Recycling: In November, 2006, Upper Dublin has contracted with RecycleBank to provide an incentive to residents to recycle trash and recycle a large volume of trash. The Township's mandatory curbside recycling program has been in existence for over 20 years and has seen a significant increase in participation over the last five years (30%), when an even stronger program was introduced (adding plastics and mixed paper). We expect another significant increase when RecycleBank starts its single stream program this spring. Yard waste is collected throughout the year, processed into mulch and provided to any resident free of charge.

RESULTS - Upper Dublin is the first township in Montgomery County to join RecycleBank. Our recyclables are over 30% of our total trash, and we expect this amount to increase with the new program.
-- Philadelphia Sustainability Awards

Susquehanna Township in Pennsylvania has been doing this since 1979. Following this template, we should be able to develop Ambler’s own ordinances and bid specifications with considerably less lawyer expense. Susquehanna Township reported gains over 683 additional recycling tons in one year by allowing more than one day for pick-ups.

Schwenksville, PA was suggested as a local community that has implemented a reasonable trash ordinence.
Schwenksville's Solid Waste Code

Philadelphia's mandatory recycling program includes office paper, corugated cardboard, aluminum cans, other metal, non-grindable garbage/food, concrete, sand, gravel, glass, lumber and wood, plaster, drywall gypsum and roofing materials.
Philadelphia's Commercial / Business Trash Form

In 2007, Hatfield evaluated a single hauler system for reasons that included: escalating costs, impact to health and environment, recycling compliance, improved recycling and the desire for change.
The complete Hatfield study.

Coon Rapids' Waste and Recycling Ordinance was a model developed to give the benefits of a single-hauler system without taking away the competitive advantages of a multi-hauler system.

ABC News reported the community's objectives as (full article):
• Excessive damage to city streets caused by a large number of heavily loaded garbage trucks.
• Interference with the city public works department seasonal street maintenance activities, including street sweeping and snow removal because of garbage cans placed on the curb.
• Less attractive neighborhoods because of garbage cans on the street every day.
• Pollution problems relating to a large number of diesel garbage trucks including air and noise pollution.

Portland has a model solid waste ordinence that was developed based on a the competitive advantages of a multi-hauler systerm. Their commercial ordinance requires the recycling of aerosol cans, aluminum, aseptic packaging, corrugated cardboard and kraft paper, gable top paper cartons, glass, magazines, metals, newspapers, office paper, plastic bottles, steel "tin" cans, telephone directories and yard debris.

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