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, 25 yrs exp. Desires 1 day a week to clean your home in Ambler vic. Refs avail. 215-628-8631.


Reliable & Dependable. Homes, Condos, & Apts. (215)-887-4073. Call Mary.

employ me


for positions which can be filled by working from home. I have 12 years of executive secretarial experience, access to a fax machine, computer, scanner, and telephone. I am accurate and efficient. It would be like having someone in your office, but you just can't see them. A schedule or agreement can be worked out regarding hours and payment. My e-mail address is or you can reply to the address above.


Based Transcription service, looking for secretarial


Mature, Educated, Kind, Loving, Fun! 31 yrs exp. in


retired Corrections Officer, married, 56, needs easy, non-strenuous work to supplement pension. Not interested in mlm, envelope stuffing, etc. Spam not appreciated and goes directly to waste bin. I have been deliberately non-specific to promote varied inquiries.


Postion Desired: My background includes a B.S. DEGREE, 15 years experience managing people, 6 years sales experience. Interested in daytime hours, base salary with commissions or resonable salaried position. Ask for Howard at 610-650-8195