Philadelphia Minority Business Development CenterTM

The Philadelphia Minority Business Development CenterTM is sponsored by the U.S Department of Commerce, Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)

This page is archive as of 12/15/03. It is no longer updated.

Management Assistance

Our general management servies will provide you with guidance in the key areas of operating a successful business. In this service area, emphasis is given to:
Business Planning

Our business planning service consists of performing a comprehensive evaluation of your business. We compare historical and present business conditions with the future plans of your company in order to assist in the development of realistic goals and strategies. Business planning services include:

Financial Planning and Loan Proposal Preparation

Financial planning and loan proposal preparation are key components of our program. The process starts with a complete analysis of your current financial position. Recommendations are made to help improve your financial posture while increasing profits. Our services include:

The MBDC Information Network

All Minority Business Development Centers throughout the country are linked together through a state-of-the-art telecommunications computer network. This system allows us to access numerous data banks and retrieve business information which is critical to the further development of your business enterprise. Some of the available services are:

Construction Contracting

The construction industry is one of our special interest business categories. Its dollar volume makes it one of the largest industries in the United States. This industry offers virtually endless possibilities to skilled minority entrepreneurs. Our construction specialists provide management and technical assistance to clients in construction and related fields. Our service offering includes:


Marketing is everybody's business. Today's competitive business climate demands that product and service providers know as much about their competition as they do their own organization and target markets. Efficient marketing plans and management are essential if you are to properly position your business. Our marketing services will help you establish the right image for your business, analyze competition, identify new markets and develop success oriented marketing strategies. Our services include: