Wordsworth Academy Collects for Haiti

Wordsworth Academy’s Spirit Program is a small private school in Fort Washington, PA for students who face both severe mental and behavioral challenges. Many of the students face not only mental and emotional challenges but also come from families that struggle financially. At Wordsworth they learn not only their ABCs, but also skills to help them face life once they leave school. One important lesson that is stressed is love for all mankind because you are not alone, but part of the world.

The plight of the people devastated by the earthquake in Haiti has inspired students in Ms. Lois DiMarzio’s class to organize a relief collection effort. At Wordsworth they receive both breakfast and lunch to help make sure they are fed. While the food and drink are not supplied by Starbucks, they are still nutritious and belly filling. The students realized that not only don’t the children in Haiti have plain juice, they don’t even have water. This explanation really struck home.

The students have started a collection effort. They have made signs by hand that they placed all over the building. The printing is not the neatest, but the message is clear. Wordsworth Cares about Haiti. A letter was sent home asking for just $1 donation. Everyone can spare a dollar. Ms DiMarzio reports one of her students, a boy with both physical and mental challenges who lives in a foster home brought in his only dollar to donate to the fund. The brother and mother of another student who comes to school with holes in his clothes, both found a dollar to help their fellow man.

The students are excited to be able to help people less fortunate than them. It tugs at your heart strings to see these kids who face so many challenges themselves happy to help their fellow man. Perhaps it helps them to realize there is someone worse off than them that they can help.

These children struggle through life every day. They know hardship. They have reached out to help others in more dire circumstances than them. Perhaps this will inspire the last of the skinflints to open their wallets to help.

Lois Hottinger DiMarzio

For more information contact:
Kerry Costello Null
Wordsworth Academy Spirit
Pennsylvania Ave & Camp Hill Rd
Fort Washington, PA 19034

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