Ready Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA — The Managing Director’s Office of Emergency Management (MDO-OEM) is responsible for ensuring the readiness of the City of Philadelphia for emergencies of any kind through an integrated and collaborative program that educates the public on how to prepare for emergencies, works with organizations throughout the city to prepare emergency contingencies, mitigate the impact of emergencies and enable the city to recover from an emergency as quickly as possible.

To accomplish this mission, the MDO-OEM employs a highly dedicated and talented group of professionals, who:
* Oversee development of the City’s plans for large-scale emergencies and disasters
* Conduct training and exercises to evaluate the effectiveness of plans and policies
* Collect, analyze, and disseminate incident information
Coordinate and support responses to and recovery from emergencies
* Educate the public on preparedness, and
Obtain funding in support of preparedness for Philadelphia

Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management

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