Plastics Recycling in Philadelphia

Fellow Recyclers,

The next collection of #5 plastics will be this Saturday, April 17th, from 10am to 1pm.

We will also be collecting egg cartons for a local chicken farmer, so please also bring any reusable and CLEAN egg cartons that you don’t want.

The collection will take place at our usual location: the garage of the Weavers Way Co-op, at 542 Carpenter Lane, Mt. Airy Philadelphia
which is across the street and a bit further down the block from the Big Blue Marble bookstore.

There are a few work shifts open for this Saturday’s collection. You can sign up on the Weavers Way Work Calendar or by replying to this email. Experienced helpers are especially needed.

As always, please review the guidelines for the plastic materials collected below.

See you Saturday!

- for the Weavers Way Environment Committee

Gimme 5 Collection Guidelines

The #5 plastics category includes most yogurt cups, sour cream containers, hummus tubs, some medicine bottles, and more. Your recyclables must be clean and dry to be accepted. Impurities of any kind compromise the recycling process and can lead the recycling facility to discard an entire batch. Exclude any lids unless they are clearly marked #5.

We ask recyclers for a small donation to cover postage costs of mailing the recyclables to the Gimme 5 processing facility in New York state.

Before bringing your #5s to the collection, be sure that they meet the requirements for Gimme 5:

* All items must be CLEAN and DRY. If they contained food or any oily or dirty product, make sure they have been washed, not just rinsed. Items stacked when wet tend to stay wet, so allow washed items to dry fully before stacking or packing.
* The #5 stamp needs to be visible on each item. Lids are separate items. Don’t assume lids are the same number plastic as the container; sometimes they are but usually they are not. Check to make sure there are no other materials (labels, paper, other number plastics, metal) on the items you bring in.

Brita filters are also welcome! Let them air dry for several days to make sure they are completely dry.

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