Philadelphia Open Data Policy

Mayor Michael A. Nutter signed an executive order to establish an Open Data policy, which will provide increased access and will enhance the transparency of City data sets. The Executive Order creates a Chief Data Officer (CDO) position, which will oversee and enforce the Open Data Policy and will report to the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The policy provides for the City to publish data online and expands opportunities for the public to participate in the City agency decision-making process by creating the Open Government Portal, which will house departments’ open data catalogue as well as a mechanism for public to offer feedback and assessments of the data sets.

“Transparency is a cornerstone of good governance, and it is vital for the City to be open and available to our citizens,” said Mayor Nutter. “Philadelphia was recently named at the seventh most social media savvy city in the nation. The Open Data policy furthers many of the policies and initiatives already put in place by the City.”

The executive order establishes the Open Data Working Group, which will focus on enhancing internal transparency, accountability, participation and collaboration through the Open Data policy and will develop the Open Government Portal—the City’s forum for public feedback. Following the establishment of the policy and assumption of duties by the CDO, the Mayor will appoint a Data Governance Advisory Board—consisting of nine members—who will oversee the ongoing implementation of the Open Data policy.
“The Open Data Policy puts in place the necessary framework, structure and governance that will increase collaboration among City departments and bring citizens closer to their government,” said Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid. “This policy is the first installment in Mayor Nutter’s vision for Philadelphia to become a model for increasing transparency and removing barriers to information sharing and collaboration.”

The City of Philadelphia has been implementing new digital access programming to increase transparency and provide citizens with greater opportunities to be civically engaged. Mayor Nutter added, “Change By Us Philly facilitates the sharing of ideas and projects among the City and citizens. Digital On-Ramps will provide Philadelphians access to anytime, anywhere learning. Freedom Rings Partnerships KEYSPOTS creates computer centers in neighborhoods throughout the city. My Administration is working hard to bridge the digital divide and to be completely accessible to citizens whether in person, on the phone, or on the internet.”

Also adopted in this Executive Order is the City’s internal social media policy, which outlines the acceptable use of social media by City employees overseen by the CIO and Mayor’s Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships.
Executive Order 1-12

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