We will reopen at 10am on Saturday, January 2nd.

The last consignor will be taken at 12:45 so please give yourself enough time.

Working and cannot consign during the week? We have Saturday hours - please call in advance to be sure we are open!!!

Donations of clothing in good condition are greatly appreciated. These donations constitute a very important source of charitable revenue. Tax donation cards are available - please ask! The shops are 501(c)(3) charitable organizations which support local charities.





Clothing Consignment

We are located at:
187 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087
(In The Clothing Shop Above Neighborhood League Shop)
(610) 688-8712

Consigning Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 10am - 1pm
Closed Sundays and major holidays

However, if we are very busy we may stop taking consignments before 12:45. Please call ahead if you plan to arrive later than 12:15pm.

Consignment is located in our Clothing Shop on the second floor. If you need assistance bringing your clothing upsatirs, please call in advance.

Enter your starting address:

A non-refundable $25 fee entitles the consignor to consign up to 15 items once per business day (unless otherwise noted) from mid-August until mid-June. This fee also allows the consignor to consign in our downstairs Household Shop.

You must be present with your clothing when your turn comes or the next consignor will be taken.

Consigning Guidelines:

All clothing must be clean, laundered, wrinkle-free, IN-SEASON AND IN-STYLE (within 3 years unless vintage). We will reject any items that smell of smoke, mothballs, perfume, mildew or any other strong odor. Very worn or wrinkled items, or those that are out of date, have missing buttons, holes, rips, tears or stains will also be rejected. Please take the time to inspect each item before you submit it.

Shoes will only be accepted if they are new or show very little wear. Shoes should not be in boxes and must be clean.

We will accept most types of jewelry that is in good condition. Sterling silver must be polished.

Clothing Consignment reserves the right to limit the number and type of articles accepted. If an item is rejected by the Clothing Shop after being consigned, the consignor will be phoned and has the option to pick the item up or donate it.

Clothing is offered for sale for 4 weeks beginning on the consignment date.

Fur Consignment - we will accept furs starting October 15. The consignment period lasts until February 28 and furs must be reclaimed by then. No reduction will be made on furs during this time unless the consignor wishes to reconsign them at a lower price. Furs must be clean, of current style, and in good shape with intact linings.

Nothing will be consigned for less than $5.00.

If the Clothing Shop has an abundance of a certain type of item, that item may not be accepted on given days. This will be clearly posted.

Consignor receives 60% of the selling price.

Click here for details on the payment policy.

Reclaiming Instructions:

The reclaim date is printed clearly at the top of the contract.

Determine what was sold BEFORE coming into The Clothing Shop to reclaim. Call the the office (610-687-5758) between 9:30am and 11:30am on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY OR FRIDAY. Please have your consignor number ready when calling.

Reclaim in The Clothing Shop from 10am until 4pm Monday through Saturday. There will be no reclaiming after 4pm.

Locate your items and bring them to the sales desk. If you are unable to locate an item please ask a staff member to assist you. If the item cannot be found it will be entered into our computer and you will be notified when the item is found.

Consignors must wait while their reclaims are processed. Please read your reclaim receipt carefully, sign it and return it to the sales clerk.

Unsold articles not reclaimed by the Claim Date will become property of the Clothing Shop and sold at 50% off.

Items we DO NOT accept:

Pajamas, and Nightgowns (even if new)

Lingerie or Slips

Nylon Hosiery (even if new)

Bathing Suits unless NEW and UNWORN with tags

Shirts/T-shirts with advertising logos/corporate sponsors

Anything with a monogram or personal initials

Maternity Clothing

Men's Suits - unless new, high end, or designer (sport jackets OK)

Men's Pleated Pants

Items will be accepted/rejected at the Consignment Manager's discretion.