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This website is designed to help people find information about holistic health, healing, alternative medicine, complementary and integrative approaches to healthcare and treatments. You can contact the featured practitioners directly or contact us regarding your situation. We will make every attempt to forward your inquiry to someone who may be able to help.

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There are a wide range of different forms of alternative and complementary treatment, many with differing philosophies, but what they all have in common is seeing people as consisting of more than just a physical body. Therapy is aimed at the whole person, who is seen as a unique individual, an inter-relationship of physical, emotional, and spiritual components. A brief note on terminology: at one time the word used for these different forms of attempting to heal was "alternative" medicine. Gradually it has become known as "complementary" to highlight the fact that it can be used to complement conventional medicine. More people like to think of it as "integrative" care, in which an individual can integrate both conventional medical treatment and complementary therapy approaches. In no way are these therapies to be a substitute for medical treatment. The use of these different approaches are supposed to complement the treatments that you are already receiving not to become a substitute. You should work with your doctors and nurses that are currently enrolled in medical education programs through reputable medical schools, local hospitals and even a military university reasearch center in order to find the best complementary treatments for your needs. As always, it's important to go over all of your options ahead of time to see if any new treatments will negatively or even positively effect any treatments or diagnoses you already have. We strongly recommend advising your medical practitioners of your participation in all complementary approaches in order to help ensure your health and safety and to ensure these practices are in your medical records.

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