Actions To Be A Green Business

Take the Ambler Green Pledge!

* Replace lightbulbs with compact fluorescent lightbulbs. (4 bulbs = eliminate 1800 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions over the life of the bulbs.)
* Buy Energy Star products and appliances.
* Turn lights and computers off when they are not in use.
* Clean your refrigerator coils. Dust on the coils located in the back of a refrigerator makes it less efficient.
* Change or clean the filters in your air conditioners and heaters.
* Use sleep mode on your computers. Turn them off at night.
* Turn down your hot water heater to 120F.
* Adjust thermostat (10F down in winter, 10F up in summer).
* Keep drapes or blinds closed at night in winter and during the day in the summer to reduce heating and cooling needs.
* Install faucet aerators in sinks to reduce hot water use.
* Insulate the 4 ft of hot water pipes closest to hot water heater.
* Insulate all hot water pipes.
* Caulk and weatherstrip all doors and windows.
* Install a programmable thermostat.
* Install a solar hot water heater.

* Proper disposal of hazardous wastes.
* Plant a rain garden.
* Install a rain barrel.

* Replace at least one trip a month with walking, bicycling or using car pools. Decrease carbon dioxide emission by 1,000 pounds.
* Inflate car tires to the manufacturer's recommended levels.
* Walk or ride a bicycle for short trips.
* Do not warm up or idle vehichles.
* Purchase low odor paints. These reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or fumes in your home.
* Refuel when it's cool. Refuel during the evenings or early in the morning when the air is cool.
* Stop at the "click." Topping off your tank releases gas fumes into the air and cancels the benefits of the pump's anti-pollution devices.

* Plant or care for a city tree by watering, mulching, and removing litter. Help to capture 3.6 pounds of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere.
* Eliminate pesticides.
* Help protect and enhance local parks.
* Join a cleanup or organize one for your area.
* Leave grass clippings on your lawn or compost them.
* Reduce disposable items by using canvas shopping bags, silverware and ceramic coffee mugs.
* Buy recycled products.
* Use rechargeable batteries.
* When it rains, let nature work for you and limit watering your lawn and/or garden.
* Cover plant beds with composted leaves or grass to help retain moisture and reduce the need for watering.
* Go organic. Most lawn and garden centers now offer several organic fertilizers and pesticides.
* Limit your lawn, and consider Low-Maintenance Landscaping. Most people over water their lawns, so consider planting native shrubs, ground covers or vegetables, which use less water.
* Plant trees to shade your building in the summer.
* Join the Green Committee and / or EAC.
* Plant a green roof. Green roofs reduce roof-top temperatures, create habitat for wildlife and reduce storm water runoff.

* Recycle ten aluminum cans a week. Save enough energy to light a 100-watt incandescent bulb for 35 hours, or a 25-watt compact fluorescent bulb for 140 hours. Plus, it keeps the cans out of our landfills.
* Compost food waste.
* Recycle old computers, televisions and other electronics.
* Recycle -- it's the law.
* Pay your bills online to reduce paper.
* Choose products made with recycled content. Look for the chasing arrows symbol.

This page is based on Go Green Louisville, KY