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Ambler Green Committee Minutes
Date: Thurs, November 12, 2009
In Attendance: Susan, Bernadette, Daniel, Wally, Chris

1) Ambler Green Committee relationship to Ambler Main Street
a. There is no current Main Street Manager  Mary Aversa is covering at present
b. As Ambler Green Committee is a subset of Ambler Main Street  where does AGC stand with non-functioning AMS?
ACTION: Susan will talk with AMS Board President Pete Philips to let him know that AGC is meeting.

2) Green Pledge/Green Business Awards
a. Green Pledge is on website and has been adopted by AMS board. Next step is to get EAC and Borough Council to accept it and make it an Ambler-wide pledge.
ACTION: Susan will work to bring these two organizations to adopt the pledge.

b. Discussion was held about how AGC should bring awareness of green practices to businesses, topics included: Green Business Awards and rating system.
c. Committee agreed the AGC pledge stickers would be good to promote green practices and make the community aware of who uses them.
i. Discussion on how to give stickers when some baseline of compliance is achieved, but not chase away businesses or put AGC in a police role.

1. Brief discussion of online business rating reports such as Heath Department posts based in inspectors reports
2. Conclusion: AGC needs to be a friendly helping hand to make your bottom line profits better by savings and not a rule-enforcer.
ii. Agreement that stickers would be given to businesses that meet basic guidelines of five points in Green Business Pledge by answering Do You&How? to each of the five pledge points.
ACTION: Chris will design the form for Pledge members and the sticker

1. Businesses who earn sticker status will be listed on AGC website.
2. Form will also have a place for businesses to explain how they go beyond basic points and to nominate themselves for an AGC Green Business Award.

d. Green Business Awards
i. Consensus that awards should be by nomination basis and not given out by AGC on a point level. Businesses will be asked to nominate, either by pledge form or on website, themselves or other businesses. AGC will select the leading contender.

1. Businesses should be taken on a case-by-case basis and not judged on fixed criteria. Different sized businesses would have different goals. E.g. how well does a business meet the five points of the pledge and how have they worked to improve their green aspect.
ACTION: Wally will research other townships Green Award programs. Susan will send Wally contacts for two townships she knows about.

3) Helping Hand
a. The purpose of the committee should also aim to be helping their bottom line and provide businesses with incentives that will reduce costs, raise efficiency, and in turn promote better environmental stewardship.
b. It is important that we showcase tangible benefits to greening. (We are here to help you save money&helping the environment is a wonderful side benefit.)
ACTION: AGC needs to research and make available information pertaining to Government grants, how-tos, connections to contractors, vendors where can get materials (weatherizing equipment at Decks?), and who to ask with questions. Can be a brochure, and on the AGC website.
i. Possibly: rent smart meters (Kill-o-watt meters) out to businesses so they can track energy costs. Note: library has them to borrow; AMS might purchase 3 for loan. NO ACTION NOW.

4) Recycling
a. Law states that commercial recycling is mandatory, but it is not enforced by code enforcement officers in most municipalities
b. Discussion of possible single trash hauler Borough not initially interested in administering it and some businesses like to be independent, although some would be happier with a single hauler system expecting economies of efficiency.

5) Cardboard
a. CVS does not have a cardboard crusher (went with Acme)
b. Possible new grocery story in Ambler?
ACTION: Susan will contact Borough about possibility of using crusher for Borough use

ACTION: Bernadette will look into cost of cardboard crusher (location, operator, insurance, maintenance) for Borough purchase in case there is not an option

Submitted by Christopher Collier (Nov 12, 2009)

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