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What is "Buyer Agency?"...How can it benefit me?

At your initial contact with a real estate brokerage company, you, the potential buyer of property, should determine what kind of legal relationship you will have with the Realtors.
All real estate brokerage companies are subject to the Common Law of Agency.
A buyer and a real estate brokerage company should agree on a legal relationship before real estate needs or financial information are discussed.
The nature of that legal relationship determines whether you will be a client to be served or customer to be sold.

As the buyer, you have the right to be represented as a client.

If a real estate brokerage company represents the buyer in a transaction and not the seller, the buyer is the client and the seller is the customer. To obtain representation, the buyer and the brokerage company (RESOURCE Inc.) will enter into a buyer representation agreement. The brokerage company will then be legally obligated to provide the buyer/client with the following fiduciary duties:

In short, the best interests of a client must come before all others.

When represented by any real estate agency... should know that you may be liable for the actions of any agent or subagent acting on your behalf. That is why choosing an agency with the standards and experience of RESOURCE Inc. is extremely essential.

$omething for nothing ?

The custom of sellers paying real estate commissions is alive and well, so --- it's expected that our buyer/clients can get the best of both worlds - full representation, but at the seller's expense! But, let's not forget, it's the buyer that brings the money to the table. This is a powerful advantage. Make use of the power your capital has in the transaction.

Our buyer agency contract is an agreement that says RESOURCE Inc. will work as your exclusive agent. Technically you are responsible for a specified commission. However, over the past nine years we have been paid by the seller on behalf of the buyer on virtually every Buyer Agency transaction. Who pays us has nothing to do with whom we represent.

You (as the buyer) make all the decisions. You're in control when you use a buyer's agent!

If you want more information about real estate, buyer's agency or if you are ready for a RESOURCE Inc. representative to help you. Either call us at (1-800-AGENT 1ST) or simply click here.

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1041 Valley Hill Road
Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355
(610)594-9800 · Fax: (610)594-9955

Call 1-800-AGENT 1st