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RESOURCE Inc. is a real estate company dedicated to the practice of Buyer Agency, in which we work for YOU, the buyer, to get you the best possible price on the home, farm, townhome, or condo of your choice. We specialize in real estate in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware County, and the Main Line.

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Chester County Real Estate Hello, I'm Caleb C. Fox president of RESOURCE Inc., a real estate brokerage firm that is committed to the "buyer agency" concept. We specialize in helping people interested in buying real estate in the western suburbs of Philadelphia including Chester and Montgomery counties and the Main Line area of Delaware County (in southeastern Pennsylvania).

If you are not familiar with "buyer agency," you are about to see an entirely new -- dramatically better -- way of buying property.

In brief, "buyer agency" means that a potential purchaser of real estate has his or her own representative in the real estate market.

Most people wrongly believed that the Realtor® showing them homes represented their interest.[According to the National Board of Realtors, 72% of all prospective real estate customers mistakenly believed that the real estate agent they were working with represented their best interest.]

The truth is, traditionally, unless you had a buyer agency contract, all agents involved in the transaction represented the seller. All agents involved in the transaction were legally obligated to get the best price and terms for the seller.

Nobody was looking out for the buyer.

Unless a buyer agency contract exists between the buyer and the Real Estate company an agent must represent the seller by default.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of Buyer's Agency.

Our approach to a client's interest in real estate is very simple. We cannot promise to know everything about a particular property but we do promise to share all pertinent(including negative) information that we are able to. Only a buyer's agent is legally permitted to do so.

At RESOURCE Inc., we do not see ourselves as "sale closers" but rather as knowledgeable professionals who assist people in making sound real estate decisions. Furthermore, we are proud of the continued assistance we provide.

Our incentive is to benefit by a high percentage of referrals, such as when a satisfied customer insists that his or her friend call RESOURCE Inc. if they are even thinking about property in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Please give us a call and see how a laid back, low key approach can benefit you in the search for your new property. Stop in to our office in Malvern, PA to take advantage of our Multiple Listing Service technology which shows you on-screen, color photos of properties you're interested in. You'll save hours and hours of wasted drive-by time when you can see the properties almost as if you were there!

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1041 Valley Hill Road
Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355
(610)594-9800 · Fax: (610)594-9955

Call 1-800-AGENT 1st

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